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Floréal – 2012 – 31x29x120 cm

Phase d'épannelage

Height plan

Ebauche de la forme globale

Preliminary drawing of the overall shape

floréal 3

Details of the overall shape






I sculpted “Floréal” using two pieces of scrap oak with minimal use of mechanical tools, which in fact results from an environmentally-friendly approach and traditional techniques. If this robust and hard material creates a certain fixed state for the shapes, it does not however, prevent the flower from opening and blossoming and then the seeds from appearing. Through the beginning of the seasons this could suggest the renaissance of a society which is more inclined to spirituality, which is almost nonexistent in the Western world today. 

floréal 4

Almost complete shape

floréal 5

Sanding and finishing touches

floréal 6

Sculpture in the round – oak