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The achievement of a bronze sculpture is above-all thanks to a close partnership and numerous discussions with the founder.

First of all I make the master model. For that, thumb I use plastiline (a sort of modeling clay with variable hardness) because the malleability of this material allows to add, cialis take away, modify…

The preliminary design is then handed over to the founder who is in charge of the following steps : 

  • creating a silicone mould, using the master model,
  • pouring the wax into the mould,
  • making a second mould from refractory plaster around the wax part,
  • cooking the refractory mould, which melts the wax,
  • once the negative is obtained, pouring the bronze into the refractory plaster mould,
  • after drying, breaking away from the mould to obtain a separate piece,
  • carving the bronze,
  • finally, the most decisive and delicate step : choosing the patina which will give the masterpiece its full scope.